Delicious. Nutricious. Zero Trade-Offs

Naturally sweetened with Monk fruit

✦ 100x sweeter than regular sugar.

✦ Contains zero calories


Naturally Flavoured with fruit Powders

✦ Flavoured using real fruit Powder.

✦ No Artificial after taste.


Real Athletes. Real Reviews.

William Lalgoulien William Lalgoulien

William Lalgoulien

Professional Football Player

As a professional athlete, it's important for me to find clean supplements that give me maximum recovery after a long day. Instant Whey is now my go-to solution. That's why I tell all my mates to choose Instant Whey for more gains!

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Deepak Thakran Deepak Thakran

Deepak Thakran


Bahut saare protein powders try kiye, par Athlab Instant Whey mein sab milta hai - acha taste, muscle building, aur recovery. Aur sabse important, koi faltu ka ingredient nahi, sirf 100% natural supplement.

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Athul Unnikrishnan Athul Unnikrishnan

Athul Unnikrishnan

Professional Football Player

25g Protein and 5.6g BCAA in every scoop while being free from any harmful subtances or banned ingredients! What more could an athlete need for lean muscle building and recovery!

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Jyoti Rikhari Jyoti Rikhari

Jyoti Rikhari


Fitness enthusiast hone ki wjh se, m sirf kuch hi protein brands pr trust karti hoon. Then i came across Athlab which is brand especially crafted for athletes with all natural ingredients. Boht acha taste h, bina kisi banned ya harfmul cheez ke tension ke

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Athlab is India's first clean label supplements brand for athletes and gym goers. Our products are flavoured and sweetened using premium natural ingredients such as monk fruit, cacao and dried fruit powders. All products are free from unnecessary additives, preservatives or harmful ingredients.

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